Are you able to Scale with Google Ads?

Are you able to Scale with Google Ads?

I decided to revisit a topic I wrote about earlier in the year regarding the ability to scale with Google Ads inside of our very niche B2B Technology sector.  I recently had a conversation with one of our advertisers regarding the ability to scale with Google Ads.  His response was something we find to be more typical in digital marketing today – That “It’s extremely difficult to scale”.  He went on to say that he’d set up hundreds of exact match bids and phrase match bid campaigns in Ads with some pretty healthy CPC bids (also owning the top placement on these terms) but was receiving near nothing for clicks.  So, I did some research…

I used the keyword “Network Security Software” and plugged it into the keyword tool.  What it told me was that I can expect approximately 257 impressions per month for that keyword.  Now, Google boasts an average CTR of 3.3%, (seems high if you ask me, but I digress), which equates to 8 clicks.  In order to be one of the top results, you’ll need to bid about $2.  If we get those 8 clicks, we’ve spent a whopping $16.  Keep in mind, that’s it for the month – 8 visits.  I know there are many more opportunities to increase that number via long tail, audience extension, etc., however, let me make my point here first.  If we just look at display advertising on our network, we see an average of .5% CTR, with some of our clients getting over 1%.  Take one of our more popular products; our Run of Network product.  With guaranteed over-delivery on this product the average CPM is running about $3 per 1,000 and the average CTR is .32%.  So, the same $24 you spent on Google Ads will get you 5,333 Impressions on our network.  With an average of a .32% CTR, you’ll receive 17 Clicks (2X greater ROI).  And, not to mention the branding and SEO benefits  that goes along with this.

Let’s use more practical numbers – Assume you have multiple keywords all averaging approximately $2/click and a hypothetical monthly budget of $5k, you’d expect to receive about 2,500 clicks for the month.  Using that same budget on our Run of Network product, you should expect about 5,333 Clicks!  The math… $5k spend/$3 CPM = 1,666,666 Impressions X .32% CTR = 5,333 Clicks.  The best part, this isn’t our maximum potential! We have room to scale well beyond that.  Using one of our current client campaigns as an example (*Noting that they have exceptional/engaging creative) they’re backing into an effective CPC of just $.38/click – You read that right…Thirty-Eight Cents per Click! That same $5k is garnering our client over 13,000 visits per month!

Now, I realize Search traffic and Display traffic aren’t the same animal, but if you’re having issues finding adequate scale, take a look at what Effectus Media can offer.  As such, I’d like to extend a special promotional opportunity to try us out and see for yourself what we can do to enhance your marketing game.  For November, we’re offering up 850,000 impressions for the low cost of $2,500. This opportunity works out to an eCPM of $2.94. With a network average of .32% CTR, an approximate return could shake out 2,720 clicks equating to just $0.92 Cents per click.  Want more?  We’ll give you a whopping 2 million impressions for $5k.  That spend will take you to an eCPM of just $2.50! Utilizing the same math, you could expect about 6,400 clicks backing into just $0.78 per click.  Keep in mind, these numbers are based on averages.  The better the creative, the better the numbers and visa versa.  Don’t worry, we’ll let you know what kind of creative and calls to action garner the best results.

In addition to our Display offerings, we also specialize in Guaranteed Cost Per Lead Programs with Content Syndication, Dedicated Email and Newsletter opportunities, Virtual Events, Webinars, and are always open to customizing marketing strategies unique to your product.

Get in touch ASAP if you’re interested:  Supply is limited to the first 4 companies that respond.


Lance Jackson
CEO – Effectus Media Group