Are You Able to Scale with Google Ads?

Are You Able to Scale with Google Ads?

This was a question I posed to our subscribers based on a conversation I recently had with one of our advertisers regarding the ability to scale with Adwords, (now Google Ads).  His response was something we find to be more typical in digital marketing today – “It’s difficult to scale when relying solely on SEM”.  He stated that he’d set up hundreds of exact match bids and phrase match bid campaigns in Google with some pretty healthy CPA bids and owned top placement on these terms but was receiving near nothing for clicks. So, I did some research…

I took the keyword “Network Security Software” and plugged it into the keyword tool. What it tells me is that I can expect about 1,600 impressions/month for that keyword; which is specific to our audience and also to several of our clients.  Now, Google boasts an average CTR in the Technology sector of 2.38% for Search and .84% for Display, (seems high if you ask me, but I digress), which equates to 38 clicks for Search. In order to be one of the top results, you’ll need to bid between $9.50 – $15 per click. Let’s say we bid $12/click which equates to $456. Keep in mind, that’s it for the month, i.e. 38 visits/month. I know there are many more opportunities to increase that number via long tail, audience extension, etc., but let me make my point here first. If we just look at display advertising on our network, we see an average of .5% CTR with some of our clients getting over 1%. Take one of our more popular products; our Run of Network product. With our over-delivery on this product the average CPM is running about $3 per 1,000. So, the same $456 you spent on Google Ads will get you 152,000 Impressions. With an average of a .5% CTR, you’ll receive 760 Clicks! And, not to mention, the Branding that goes along with it. The best part, this isn’t our Max potential – We have room to scale well beyond that.

Now, I know Search traffic and Display traffic isn’t the same animal, but if you’re having issues finding adequate scale, take a look at what Effectus Media can do. In addition to our Display offerings, we also have Guaranteed Cost Per Lead Programs with Content Syndication, Dedicated Email and Newsletter opportunities, Virtual Events, Webinars, etc.

Feel free to reach out to me directly if you’d like additional information.

Lance Jackson

CEO – Effectus Media Group